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              Zijingshi Fine Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, China

Zijingshi Fine Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, China is a private high-tech company that starts her business since 1999, mainly engaged in technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, engineering, and technical service in the field of supercritical extraction of carbon dioxide, environmental protection, sulfur trioxide sulfonation/sulfation, surfactant production.

The company has strong technical force composed of elites of all specialties. The company has central laboratory, engineering company, equipment manufacturing works, installation companies. So the company has the capability of development of new products, engineering of complete production plant, manufacturing of equipment , engineering installation, commissioning, as well as comprehensive technical service, including training of buyer’s personnel.
In the field of sulfur trioxide sulfonation, the company has delivered to the customers, both domestic and abroad, services and hardware such as development of new products, engineering of complete plant, delivery of equipment, installation of complete plant, renovation of existing plant and upgrading of their products, and technical advisory services. During that time, a series of new species of household and industrial surfactants, new processes, and a number of new equipment are developed.
The target of this company is to gain customers’ satisfaction, furnish them with high quality delivery and service in reasonable price. Zijingshi, abided by contract, is trying her best to establish a pleasant atmosphere of cooperation with all customers and users. 

Technical service related to the sulfur trioxide sulfonation/sulfation

l  Pilot plant of multi-functional gaseous-phase falling film sulfur trioxide sulfonation

(capacity 3 kg/h to 5 kg/h) ;

l  Engineering of complete sulfonation/sulfation plant using falling film gaseous sulfur trioxide sulfonation reactor;

- Capacity: from 40 kg/h to 6000 kg/h

- Sulfonation or sulfation products:

²  Llinear alkylbenzene sulfononic acid (LAS)

²  Fatty alcohol ether sulfates (AES)

²  α-olefin sulfonates (AOS)

²  Fatty alcohol sulfates (FAS or K12)

²  Fatty acid methyl ester sulfonates (MES)

²  Heavy alkyl benzene sulfonates

²  Petroleum sulfonates (WPS)

² Sulfonated oil products (sulfonated rapeseed oil, sulfonated castor oil, sulfonated fish oil)

² Naphthalene-based sulfonates, etc.;

l  New sulfonation/sulfation product development, technical transfer, technical consultation, and technical training.

l  Engineering, delivery, or renovation of individual or all items of equipment in existing sulfonation/sulfation plant;

l  Technical service for installation and commissioning of sulfonation/sulfation plant;

l  Programming, configuration, and integration of DCS, MCC for sulfonation/sulfation plant;

Zijingshi’s proprietary and patented technologies related to sulfur trioxide sulfonation

l  Updated multi-tube falling-film sulfonation reactor

l  Double falling-film sulfonation reactor

l  Short-course falling-film sulfonation reactor

l   Two-stage neutralization reactor, degasser

l   Electric preheating system for warming-up of the sulfonation plant

l  Two-effect waste heat recovery technology


l  Dioxane stripping technology

l  Development of new technologies for MSE

l  Development of new continuous energy-saving drying technology

l  Development of surfactants for tertiary oil recovery, first in China. Zijingshi

  completed an engineering design of a falling film petroleum sulfonation plant in

commercial scale;

l  Alkylation unit engineering and development to produce heavy alkylbenzene;

l  Development of high-carbon fatty alcohol sodium sulfate;

l  Development of high-carbon α-olefin sulfonate;

l  Change-over unit for continuous flushing of sulfonation reactor;

l  New technology for recycling of effluent water from sulfonation/sulfation plant. There is zero waste water discharge from the plant;

l  Multi-tube falling–film sulfonation reactor, Patent ZL200420081378.0

l  Continuous high-fraction sulfonate or sulfate production unit with sectional cooling and duel loop recycling. Patent ZL201220678357.1

l  Continuous sulfonation flushing unit, Patent ZL201220678360.3

l  High-efficiency gas-liquid separation unit, Patent ZL201320097928.7

l  Combined exhaust gas purification unit. Patent ZL201320097926.8

l  A two-stage spiral membrane drying system. Patent ZL 201420363484.1.

l  A falling film-evaporator with rotating water distribution scrapper. Patent ZL 201420363485.6

l  An exhaust gas treatment unit attached with feed liquid scrubbing. Patent ZL 201420591149.7 



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