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Business Scope Business Scope

Technical service related to the sulfur trioxide sulfonation/sulfation

l  Pilot plant of multi-functional gaseous-phase falling film sulfur trioxide sulfonation

(capacity 3 kg/h to 5 kg/h) ;

l  Engineering of complete sulfonation/sulfation plant using falling film gaseous sulfur trioxide sulfonation reactor;

- Capacity: from 40 kg/h to 6000 kg/h

- Sulfonation or sulfation products:

²  Llinear alkylbenzene sulfononic acid (LAS)

²  Fatty alcohol ether sulfates (AES)

²  α-olefin sulfonates (AOS)

²  Fatty alcohol sulfates (FAS or K12)

²  Fatty acid methyl ester sulfonates (MES)

²  Heavy alkyl benzene sulfonates

²  Petroleum sulfonates (WPS)

² Sulfonated oil products (sulfonated rapeseed oil, sulfonated castor oil, sulfonated fish oil)

² Naphthalene-based sulfonates, etc.;

l  New sulfonation/sulfation product development, technical transfer, technical consultation, and technical training.

l  Engineering, delivery, or renovation of individual or all items of equipment in existing sulfonation/sulfation plant;

l  Technical service for installation and commissioning of sulfonation/sulfation plant;


l  Programming, configuration, and integration of DCS, MCC for sulfonation/sulfation plant;

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