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Advanced Film Sulphonation Technology and Equipment Supplier.

Beijing Zijingshi Fine Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. (ZJS) was founded in 1999, mainly engaged in engineering projects, such as carbon dioxide super-critical extraction, environmental protection, sulfonation by gaseous SO3 (sulfur trioxide), surfactants, and other fields such as technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation, engineering design, technical services.

In the daily-use chemical industry field



◇    Zijingshi owns a team that has more than 20 years of experience in research, design, manufacturing and installation of production works. We can provide to our Customer with project service on turnkey basis.

◇    Zijingshi's sulfonation technology that can produce LABSA with high active matter content (> 97.5%), SLES with low dioxane content (as low as 8 ppm) and other high-quality sulfonated products such as AOS, SLS and MES, with capacities of 40 - 8,000 kg/hr for one single sulfonation unit.

◇    Well tried forming technology for production of SLS in forms of powder, needles, or strips. And MES in powder.

◇    The newly exploited multi-tube film sulfonation reactor has good film forming performance, small relative error, good sealing effect, long service life, and can be operated with pressurized return water.

◇    Multi-product online switching technology, no waste of raw materials.

◇    Electric rapid heating system has the advantages of short heating time, energy saving, safe and easy to operate, etc.

◇    Zijingshi can upgrade and reform your existing sulfonation unit. Based on existing LABSA production unit, SLESSLS can be produced by addition only a neutralization unit, and AOS can be produced by addition of hydrolysis unit.

◇    Zijingshi has a fully new exploited proprietary dioxane-stripping technology to produce low dioxane SLES ( dioxane content can be as low as 8 ppm max.).

◇    Configuration and integration of Safety Interlock System (SIS), and Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD) for sulfonation plant;

◇    3 kg/hr - 10 kg/hr falling film sulfonation experimental unit.


In the industrial sectors


◇    Zijingshi's continuous film sulfonation patent technology for production of petroleum sulfonate (WPS), used in the field of tertiary oil recovery, to improve oil recovery rate.

◇    Continuous film sulfonation technology for production of heavy alkylbenzene sulfonate (HAS), and new continuous neutralization technology, used in the field of tertiary oil recovery and lubricating oil, can produce low inorganic salt (< 0.5%-1.0%) heavy alkylbenzene sulfonate products.

◇    Continuous film sulfonation technology for rapeseed oil, castor oil, fish oil and other oil, used in the leather industry.

◇    Continuous film sulfonation technology for production of alkyl diphenyl ether disulfonate (MASD) , used in daily-use chemical industry and other industries such as textile, printing and dyeing, coating, leather, paper and other fields.


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