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Petroleum sulfonate (WPS) is an anionic surfactant made from petroleum distillate, that is the main raw material, and then sulfonated in falling film sulfonator by sulfur trioxide. The combination of petroleum sulfonate with alkali and polymer into the 3-conponent oil displacement system, with ultra-low interfacial tension, that can be below 10-3 mN/m. The system can be injected into the underground rock together with the injected water. After a certain time reaction, it can effectively separate the crude oil which is attached to the underground rock, to achieve the improving of the oil recovery rate.
The use of the 3-element composite oil displacement system will not affect the refining of the crude oil, and quality of the refined oil quality, no increase of the oil refining cost, and causing no environmental protection problems, and will not change the oil recovery process and refining process.
One of the main raw materials of petroleum sulfonate is petroleum distillate oil, that has abundant supply and with low production cost.
Beijing ZJS Fine Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., after more than ten years of research and development, completed the production technology of petroleum sulfonate, the compound formulation technology of raw materials, 3- compound oil displacement technology, and has obtained more than a dozen national patents.
Since 2013, this company has completed the design and equipment manufacturing of 15,000 t/a, 350 million t/a, and 700 million t /a petroleum sulfonate units for Daqing oilfield. 2 sulfonation reactors with 60 reaction tubes and 6 sulfonation reactors with 120 reaction tubes were used. These are the largest petroleum sulfonate production plants in the world, and the important production base of petroleum sulfonate in China.
At present, the average oil recovery rate of the world is 33%. The Daqing oil field in China uses the petroleum sulfonate developed by this company, using the 3 element composite oil displacement technology, the oil recovery rate can be increased by more than 20 percentage points, and the recovery rate of the main oil field breaks over 60%, which is 27% higher than that of the similar foreign oil fields in the world.
WPSWeighted Petroleum Sulfonate)
Raw Material:Distiillate;
Use:EOR(Enhanced oil recovery ),etc.;
HASHeavy Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate )
Raw Material:Heavy alkyl benzene;
Use:EOR(Enhanced oil recovery ), lubricant additive, etc.;