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Technology Technology

Zijingshi’s proprietary and patented technologies related to sulfur trioxide sulfonation

● Updated multi-tube falling-film sulfonation reactor

● Double falling-film sulfonation reactor

● Short-course falling-film sulfonation reactor

● Two-stage neutralization reactor, degasser

● Electric preheating system for warming-up of the sulfonation plant

● Two-effect waste heat recovery technology 

● Dioxane stripping technology

● Development of new technologies for MSE

 Development of new continuous energy-saving drying technology

 Development of surfactants for tertiary oil recovery, first in China. Zijingshicompleted an engineering design of a falling film petroleum sulfonation plant incommercial scale;

 Alkylation unit engineering and development to produce heavy alkylbenzene;

● Development of high-carbon fatty alcohol sodium sulfate;

● Development of high-carbon α-olefin sulfonate;

● Change-over unit for continuous flushing of sulfonation reactor;

● New technology for recycling of effluent water from sulfonation/sulfation plant. There is zero waste water discharge from the plant;

● Multi-tube falling–film sulfonation reactor, Patent ZL200420081378.0

● Continuous high-fraction sulfonate or sulfate production unit with sectional cooling and duel loop recycling. Patent ZL201220678357.1

● Continuous sulfonation flushing unit, Patent ZL201220678360.3

● High-efficiency gas-liquid separation unit, Patent ZL201320097928.7

● Combined exhaust gas purification unit. Patent ZL201320097926.8

● A two-stage spiral membrane drying system. Patent ZL 201420363484.1.

● A falling film-evaporator with rotating water distribution scrapper. Patent ZL 201420363485.6


● An exhaust gas treatment unit attached with feed liquid scrubbing. Patent ZL 201420591149.7

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